About Us


Welcome to KESOFO

The Kenya Community Sports Foundation (KESOFO), is a non-governmental sporting organization that uses the medium of sport to effect social change with a special emphasis on youth transformation. It is duly registered and led by sportsmen in Kenya, with the goal of delivering programs of sport for environment, health and social cohesion, specifically targeting at children, the youth and adults living in both urban and rural areas.

Meet the team

We work together for the success of the organization.

Wesley Chirchir
Wesley Chirchir – CEO- responsible for overseeing all the aspects of the Organization which includes the administrative and financial management, supervising a full-time staff of five people, the budgetary review and all the other production goals. He regularly updates the project staff on the progress towards implementation of the work plan, designing the methods for demonstrating Program Outputs, Outcomes and Impacts. He also collaborates with the staff and the implementing partners on qualitative monitoring to provide relevant information for ongoing evaluation of project activities, effects and impacts
Emmanuel Ntoika
Training Coordinator
He coordinates the Capacity Building activities including Trainings in football technical skills like Coaching, Refereeing, Team Management, Life skills
Ann Keter
Administrative Assistant
Apart from the day-to-day running of the office, Ann is responsible for managing and distributing information within and outside the office, scheduling appointments between the members and clients, storing, organizing and managing files. He’s also in charge of the resource centre as well as collecting and distributing match results to the media houses.
Geofrey Chirchir
Fundraising Officer
He is charged with the responsibility of fundraising as well as ensuring that registration processes for both new and old teams is adhered to, organizes well-structured competitions (by developing fixtures, printing of cards, vetting of players to respective ages, process competition documents), supervise the day to day running of various leagues within KESOFO and ensuring that the rules governing competitions is followed to the latter. He also sits in all league committees on advisory role.