Let the Girls Play

KESOFO has designed the “LET THE GIRLS PLAY” program whose aim is to support the vulnerable girl child through educational sponsorship, supply of sanitary towels and encourage them to participate in sport and recreation for fun and excellence. This program entails scaling up the girls’ sports program by netting over 5,000 girls into the sports program. A few parents have allowed their girls to participate in all our sporting programs. During the consultations with the parents, it turned out that prevailing gender roles weighed heavily against the process of integrating girls into our sporting program. To date, KESOFO has observed the following challenges that confront the girls;
1. General increase in school drops out rate and early pregnancies
2. General unease among girls to express themselves assertively
3. Low school retention and poor performance of girls in schools
4. Vulnerability to sexual harassment and rape
5. Lack of role models for other girls to emulate
6. Early marriage.
To address the above, KESOFO teams conduct weekly group meetings with girls’ teams covering topics such as decision making, sexuality, peer pressure, etc. During these sessions, the mentors identify specific cases in the groups in need of personal attention and offer guidance and counselling services to them as most of them have the skill.
Additionally, KESOFO hosts weekly girls’ league football matches and an annual nationwide girls’ tournament, which serve as platforms for motivational speakers and themed drama, poem and essay competitions.